There are not any books under the desk.

You were the most beautiful woman at the party tonight.


Soccer is my favorite game.

His threat got me to start studying seriously.

Louise glanced out the window again.


I tried to stop him but he made off in a hurry.

Maybe I can convince Shannon to talk to Shawn.

I'm working on my homework.

Sound travels very quickly.

Vic has never been late for school.

Thanks for your soonest answer!

Have you got a light?

I'll meet you at the usual place.

She brought up two children.

Sjaak doesn't want to do anything but swim.

Oscar stood close to Gill.

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I don't want them to see me.

You don't give up too easily, do you?

We should've bought three bottles of wine.

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He got religion on his deathbed.

Lance turned over.

Shyam looks younger than I expected.


I want to be a programmer.


Rabin lost his temper.

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My heart bleeds.


Amy takes piano lessons once a week.


"Don't leave me!" "It's too late, Barrio."

Our climb will be steep.

We have never heard him sing the song.

I don't work on either Saturday or Sunday.

Three hostages were killed.


My stomach aches after meals.

He wasn't able to explain what had happened.

Almost all of Donald's money goes to supporting his family.

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No young person thinks that one day they will die.

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It took Margie an hour to get to school.

We have to leave it there.

I'm sure she will become a great singer.

It took more than a month to get over my cold, but I'm OK now.

I can't think of anything that would help.


I used to have that same problem.

She speaks seven languages.

I was robbed of my purse.

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Somebody came to see you this morning.

Would you lend me your bicycle?

Manny does not know the difference between a doctor and a charlatan.

It is rude to stare at strangers.

Your words make me happy.

In autumn the leaves turn yellow.

Stu begrudgingly accepted.


Hey, we aren't done yet.

How did you get into that line of work?

I have no idea what the reason is.

They induce uncertainty in muscle power, confusion in mind power, and imbecility in soul power.

Can you stay for a while?

I must send for the doctor at once.

I don't want anyone smoking in the meeting room.

See to it that this letter is posted without fail.

Don't put the wet towel in the bag.

We're one player short.

I can't stand to be interfered with in my work.


Translation is at best an echo.

Tiefenthal said he was heading to the airport.

They claimed credit for tax reduction.

I could've done that by myself.

He tried to speak French to us.

Cecilia really liked me, I think.

Well done, my friend.

People usually find it very difficult to break the ice when they meet someone extremely attractive for the first time.

You have at least three options.

I'll be right here.

Right then, go home.

Somebody has to do something.

Meet me at my office.

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Your French has improved a lot.

Dennis laughs at Wilson's round face.

Why have you woken up so early?

Cris still hasn't shaved.

I doubt that Colin was ever in any real danger.

It's a bad time to be impulsive.

I've never actually been there, but I know where you're talking about.

Mott bought a movie for later.

I got my son to repair the door.

He is brave enough to go there by himself.

He knows what he's doing.

Maria always whispers words of wisdom.

Dan is the closest thing I have to a son.

Do you have any idea when Soohong will arrive?

She's talking to the Russian teacher.

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The book is available in both hard and soft-cover versions.

He haunted the art galleries.

The girl he loved was Laura Merton, the daughter of a retired Colonel who had lost his temper and his digestion in India, and had never found either of them again.

She writes irrelevant posts, and offensive ones at that.

Izumi seems to be very rich.


Pleased, he smiled.

Clifford suggested that I change the lock on my door.

They danced.


Roxana has been avoiding Ross all week.

Darin was absent.

Excuse me, though I'm a stranger, please let me get a word in.


How did you pay for all this?



First, you must protect yourself.

Lowell hasn't shown up at work yet.

Huashi roasted his marshmallow over the fire.

We decided to let Doug have our old car.

There were some unexpected questions.

Raphael sent for a doctor.


She had entirely too much makeup on.

We're closed tomorrow.

He just ate sushi and drank beer.

We've been to Boston many times.

Plastic still can't get Victor out of his head.

We want to meet her.

We'll never see her again.


Edgar left a long time ago.

Both men were shot.

The two men were tried by a military court.

We're not wealthy.

Maybe we won't have to wait.


How many times a day do you feed your dog?

We were engaged to be married.

I have no idea where Malaclypse keeps his passport.

We spent three days in Boston.

Did you find him or not?

Tell Marek he can't go to Donovan's party.

The shrapnel from an explosion is usually more dangerous than the shock wave.


Sooner or later, he will run out of luck.

When is that supposed to happen?

Sylvan is more than likely to be late.

Stop talking like a fool.

Why, is she weeping for joy?

He fell head over heels into the water.

How can you eat only rich food like this every day.

They were not brave at all.

Carol asked me to pick Cyrus up at the airport.

I know what I think.

What time do you want to leave?

Do you speak Italian? - Not yet, that's my first lesson!

Pete's car isn't in the driveway.

I don't care how much you want it. I'm not going to give it to you.

Darin appreciated Marian's honesty.

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Wherever you live is the best place.


We spent all evening dancing together.

She hushed her baby to sleep.

I want to thank you for what you did today.

I'm illiterate.

I think you should help us.


Do you want to play tennis with me this afternoon?

This stuff is dynamite.

She prefers white-sand beaches.


One should keep one's promise.

Please tell me how to get to the bank.

Who did you have lunch with?

Will you be in Boston this weekend?

Women can keep a secret when they don't know it is one.


Miles said he would talk to Marco.

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That's just a yarn.

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You know who we are.

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I can vividly imagine that.


My dad's name is Fritz.

He smells the soup.

Dimetry brought hers.

I feel a pain here.

Marc won't admit it.