She overdosed on heroin.

The name of my city is Jhelum.


As a rule, she and I agree with each other.

They died in battle.

She tried again to fix the earring into her ear.


That's difficult to explain.

What symptoms do you have?

The new drug will be tested in Vaxgen's laboratory.

We soon agreed on a rent for the apartment.

According to research by Gunnar Samuelsson, Jesus may not have died on a cross. Instead, it's possible that he died on a pole or a tree trunk.

He deceived me.

Judging from what everyone says, it's the truth.

It is necessary that every member observe these rules.

I know it's only a dream.


He was preparing to leave.

Our primary objective is to expand the South American market.

Someone cut the rope.

The suspect is a black male.

We value your suggestions.

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A language is considered dead when the number of native speakers falls to less than 10.


This room is pretty much the way Vinod left it.

I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Obsequious people make me feel uncomfortable.


He's in bed with the flu.

She's the woman I desire.

They won't let her escape.

Stay cool.

I've been tempted myself to check them out.

This is not so tragic.

No one is downstairs.

I told you to stay away from me.

Kerry didn't dare tell anyone.

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The pie looked very good, but it wasn't very easily digestible.

Maybe Presley isn't as stupid as he looks.

Salt water is more buoyant than fresh water.

Someone said something, but I didn't understand what it was.

London has been fun.


You pack your suitcases.


I had a glass of beer to quench my thirst.

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I'll work something out.


You can't just laugh it away.

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I wish you could be a little quieter.

I'm sure you'll wait.

I was blinded by the light.

Leave the thinking up to me.

I was careless.

I think I was in love with you.

We told her.

Everything is upside down.

The flag is a national symbol.


Let's leave as soon as he gets back.

They have a talented producer.

I will have been to Nagasaki three times if I go there again.


Kim may use my video camera if he wants to.


Mat passed the test.


She is on death row.

Do you really want to quit your job?

I'll let you know the results of the examination after they are announced.


The whole experiment was recorded on film.

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Not all Germans like to drink beer.

Huh? A mouse sits on my mouse.

Mehrdad copies everything I do.

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Has Russ said anything?

Christie is lazy and spoiled.

I have a fever of 102 degrees.


He felt that the reason he was able to succeed was because of his friends' help.

I think Roxanne killed Patty.

We didn't talk long.

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You really don't believe that, do you?

Milo doesn't have enough money.

To understand Japanese culture to the full, you should learn the language.

You've got my word on it.

I don't give a toss that you are tired.

I like how you avoided answering Jay's question.

The next meeting will be on the tenth of June.

He sat in front of me.

You can manage, can't you?

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The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.


She must have been very young when she wrote this poem.

The walls supported the entire weight of the roof.

Can anyone help?


Loukas became anorexic when he was in high school.

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I finally feel like I can take some time off.

Shel left the house after breakfast.

We're ignoring him.


Fortunately, everybody understood what this foreigner meant, knew I was only making a fool of myself, and laughed at me.

He based his report on the available statistics.

Tell them I said goodbye.

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You could pass.

The firefighter put out the fire quickly.

I've got very bad genes. Seven out of ten siblings of my grandparents died of cancer, including themselves. Three of four siblings of my parents died of the same. My only sibling, Dylan, developed lung cancer a year ago. I can't help thinking when my turn is.

Be more careful. You often leave out some letter or other.

The news caused a huge stir.

In many cultures, accountants aren't thought of as an exciting lot.

If you are really 16, think hard about it!


The treasure could be anywhere.


She moved to first place.

I didn't say you took it.

She has the choice to stay or go.


Please change these bills into coins.

We all know him.

Would you do it for us?

The prize will go to the best student.

Saiid pretended he wasn't there.


He made a speech that supported my opinions.

I just heard that Juergen and Corey are going to get married.

Kenn took his wallet out of his pocket.

Do you guys understand me?

That's what I'm here to ask you.

I thought you had a meeting at 2:30.

The girl jumped at the chance to go to New York.

This is just what I wanted.

Do you remember what the girl who was with me last night was wearing?

I came here to help you.

I got here Monday night.

You have to chew the food before you swallow it.

I need to go flat-hunting this weekend.

I'll return shortly.

I've seen other people do it.

Tad tried to relax, but he couldn't.

As this is a cascade with multiple layers, it shouldn't be surprising that it's slow.

Ric looks weary.

Radek is prepared.

Everything you need to leaf through a good book: a big, fluffy bed, snug armchair, and, of course, a wall-to-wall selection of reading material.

Leigh and Rajendra were close friends.


Debi accused Belinda of stealing his money.

Israel unscrewed her lipstick.

I think I need to try this out.

Does your spouse attend church with you?

I already have a plan.

Hard to believe, but that's the way it is.

You knew Pratap needed you, didn't you?

What's cooking?

I won't turn my back on you again.

It looks nice with your trousers.

Jean-Pierre almost died trying to save me.

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Spike took a day off.


The circus entertained us very much.

You don't need to attend every argument you are invited to.

He doesn't look happy to see us.


They stopped to stare at her.

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I can't walk in these shoes.

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You really are a jerk.

I don't know. I can not remember.

We must work hard to complete the project.

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John alone went there.

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A burnt child dreads fire.


Hey, I have a great idea.

I found Damon.

The general commanded him to report to headquarters.

I intend to give this to her.

This might lead us to believe that a simple culture would make use of a simple language, that a complex culture would make use of a complex language, and so on.

Visit my webpage and find out more about me.

The police arrested the man who had murdered the girl.

Pierette is a long way from home.

Wilson will handle the details.


He contributed a lot of money.

The sum of the ignorance of the Republican candidates in the primaries for the U.S. presidential election is simply mind-boggling: one is afraid that China will obtain nuclear weapons, which they have had for 44 years, and the other proposes to close the U.S. embassy in Iran, which has been closed for 32 years... Such stupidity at the head of the world's most powerful country gives one the shivers!

How dare she have sex with my husband?