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What is the distance across the pond?

Why were you late?


Hopefully, that'll change.

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He seldom, if ever, goes to church.

In some attempts, it is glorious even to fail.

Dewey will stay.

This sentence sounds natural, but it's not grammatically correct.

How often do the buses run in an hour?

We should be more careful to recycle more trash.

Don't get all high and mighty.

Sriram agrees.

He's depressed about the result.


You have a beautiful dog.

It sounds like somebody's home.

He didn't know what he couldn't do.


They can't stop him.

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Micky heard footsteps outside his door.

She has beauty and what passes for intelligence.

You have to dig down and pay for it.

For some reason she didn't come home last night.

She is a good writer.

Has Sally told Agatha that he can't speak French at all?

Why don't you tell her that?


Ozan pretended to be hard of hearing.


Your letter made me happy.

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Is she so foolish as to believe that?

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I'm waiting for her to leave.


I think I should've been more careful.

He aimed, but missed.

Shahid didn't have time for breakfast.


Colin turned on the TV, stretched out on the bed, and fell asleep.

That's why I need to meet them.

Do you know a man named Jon Jackson by any chance?


That's still an open question.

I like to play golf.

I found out something.

There's no need for you to be at today's meeting.

We made a deal.

Peter promised not to tell anyone how much we paid to have our house painted.

The flowers are already out of bloom.

It wasn't mine.

It is the price they pay for their years of over-eating.


The president said he would not run for the second term.


Don't keep asking me.


The dog came running to me.

The Voodoo priestess sniggered when Sergio and Susan, lost in this sentence, asked themselves who, if not the author, actually controlled their fate.

I'm old enough.


You don't need to pretend that you still like me.

I'm anxious by nature.

One king after another succeeded to the throne during those few years.

Soohong never worried about where his next meal was going to come from.

Masao belongs to the tennis club.

They sat down around the kitchen table.

It is not good wishing.

Chris injured his leg playing tennis and is in a lot of pain.

I have two cars.

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There is no room for a vacuum in a continuum.

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He's stupid and dishonest.


They're going to knock down that monument.

I'm suspicious of everybody.

I don't have a bicycle, let alone a car.

Major is behind you.

I never get tired of this song.

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Although Nou knew that Masanao was married, she tried to seduce him.

We pay you well.

Have any of you seen Joe today?

Jwahar is at a confidence in Boston.

State Capitalism could be democratic or authoritarian.


I see them pretty often.

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The house was so flooded that I had to swim to the kitchen.

He found in the world without as actual what was in his world within as possible.

Didn't you hear Juri?

He is no better than a murderer.

Arlene really enjoyed his meal.

I don't care who your father is. You still have to follow my orders.

Did Roberto ever tell you why he was late?

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Our main office is in Osaka.

I'm not going to lug their suitcases around.

Fat hens lay few eggs.


Are you interested in promotional opportunities?


He quietly knocked on the door.

I made a lucky guess.

Please turn over.

Do the police have any idea who stole it?

This cap belongs to me.

Liisa calls Markku up every now and then.

My sister has a nice piano.


We should not take advantage of the generosity of a friend.

There is no profit in worrying.

He run on for half an hour.

I'll take a look at it.

Pilot ate half the peach and handed me the rest.

I've got to go to the bathroom.

I'd rather die than give you this.

She won't be in time for the meeting.

Alexander peeped in the window and saw that Neal was still sleeping.

I'm 19.

Maybe you need to be reminded how dangerous Winnie is.


She was puzzled, and she ran away from me.

I think it's time we asked Greg to leave.

You have a choice of black tea, coffee, or milk.

Pilar competes in ski races.

This is where we live.

I saw her do it.

I didn't like the result.


Who will take care of the dog while we are away?

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I must sleep now.

I have always wanted a daughter.

This is the first time.

True friendships last forever.

He asserts that she is innocent.

She doesn't want to be with anyone.

Please let the blind down.

Where's the sunscreen?

Nobody trusted my country.

Rogue and his friends walked down the street, singing a song.

This is a magic broomstick.

I don't like it when you're so happy.

I was just about to go out when it began to rain hard.


You made your sister cry!

He has gone to Spain.

His reply is no more than an excuse.

Could I check my bags?

We're having a bachelor party for Hubert at my place tonight.


He is especially frightened of dogs.

We must remain here.

We don't have that data.


Do you want a trim?

Calvin wanted to understand why Think didn't like him.

I don't play games.

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A square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square.

Leads needed cash.

He told the children about his adventures in Africa.

Does anybody know if the cafeteria is still open?

She is gone shopping.

Tell me, what's she really like?

This washing machine is very energy-efficient.

You didn't see what I saw.

Let me whisper in your ear.


It is necessary that she should go herself.

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It's a stupid system.

The children are all fired up.

I can get you there.


I'm grateful to you for your help.

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There is a lot to do.

Modern poetry is often most obscure.

I hope you don't mind.

Cyrus lives in an apartment complex.

Kuldip needs to take a long, hard look at himself.

He tried it again, only to fail.

Don't try to force it.


Where's the rest?

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Mike smiled.

Elijah definitely knows his stuff.

Who gave you this envelope?

She embarrassed him.

One day their father said to his sons: "My dear boys, take each of you an arrow, draw your strong bow and let your arrow fly; in whatever court it falls, in that court there will be a wife for you."

He is not dumb.

It wasn't like that.