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Marilyn is wearing a Halloween costume of some sort, but I'm not sure what he's supposed to be.

I don't let it bother me.

She broke into tears.

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What do you know about him?

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I'll be back in half an hour.

Lindsey doesn't like the rainy season.

Can we bring them?

For all his failures, he did not feel so at all.

Baseball is said to have been invented in Cooperstown in 1839.

I'm not going to lie to her.

She passed the jewel off as her own.

The grandmother gives sweets to her grandchildren.

Do you think Trevor is becoming more like Alexander?


Miho is a pianist.

Both armies were placed one in front of the other and spent their days doing nothing.

My mother says that the child's illnesses are phony.

Roger missed the train.

This was a mistake.

I don't want to be presumptuous.

How long will one hundred dollars last me?


The treasure lay hidden for a long time.

The rugs are a good match for the curtains.

Can't we just ask them to go?


Could I not respond?

She has a high grade of intelligence.

Is there any mail for me this morning?

Albert and Delbert always play tennis on Saturday morning.

The ceremony took place in the afternoon.

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We'd sure like to help Belinda.

He never used a screwdriver.

And I will be a chicken which smells like a sloth!


I am extinguishing the fire with water.

They didn't pay us very well.

A goose is a water bird.


Tracy got used to working with Lui.


I met her at her house.

They dream of the day when they'll be rolling in money.

Have you seen my dog?

Laurence ducked into the alley.

I think I may have a picture of Lester I can show you.


That doesn't sound like much fun.


I suggest that we go out on Friday.

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What does a Dutchman do after winning the World Cup? He turns the playstation off.

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As soon as the game ended, we became overjoyed.

You're angry and you have every right to be.

Luck plays an important part in life.


I don't want a job in Boston.

Joachim found Jan a job in a supermarket.

My breakfast usually consists of coffee with milk, a piece of bread and jam, a small banana, a piece of orange and some dried plums.

An earthquake destroyed the building.

They loaded the trucks with emergency supplies for the earthquake victims.

Don't tell me not to worry.

I strongly agree with you.

Darrell hanged himself in his jail cell.

Go and look for him.

Most people studying a foreign language will never be able to speak like a native speaker.

Jianyun certainly appears to have jumped the gun.

Can my friend sleep over tonight?

What did you put in the coffee?

You may enter.

Nothing has been decided.


I don't feel like smiling.

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That is not safe.

This is all still new to me.

The flowers wilt without water.


Lock the door without fail.

Rupert isn't used to city life.

Karl Marx said: "Workers of the world, unite!"

I'll go find them.

What are some tasty foods that would go well with potatoes?


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I was wrong about that one.

Tiefenthal rang one of the bells.


I'm not worried about it.

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I wish I could relax listening to music.

I don't want to go to work.

I was hoping you'd be reasonable.


I'll pay attention. I promise.

Thus, p is the case if and only if q is the case.



Don't confuse sugar with salt.


The station is located between these two towns.

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We didn't need to ask him to resign.

Moran learned that the rental price would be discounted if he and the agent agreed to a seven-day rental term.

Brett was Saad's wife.

Rakhal thinks what I did was wrong.

Bonnie is pale.

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I knew Elias wouldn't kiss you.

Nothing is more boring than traveling long distances by car.

Wow! The pilaf at this restaurant is really good!

I prefer walking to riding.

Is something wrong with Tharen?

I can't believe you chickened out.

Murph has a dentist appointment at 2:30.

They all began to laugh.

At first they rejected the proposal, but a clergyman urged them to accept.

Nadeem's proposal is worth considering.

There I fixed it.

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I'm not sure I can trust her.

Billie said he couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Lui.

When water freezes it becomes ice.

The teacher is Chinese.

This is a funny sentence.


This might ruffle some feathers.


We're staring at them.

John stood still with his eyes fixed on something strange.

There is nothing to compare with her beauty.


He described what had happened in detail.

I found no shoes completely to my taste.

He does not get up early.

Tomas's mood has changed.

Dan left a good job in London to live with Linda in Glasgow.


He took advantage of her.

That's what we need to do.

I made my son see the doctor.


A steam turbine is a prime mover in which steam at high velocity impinges upon the blades of a rotating element, thus transforming energy of the steam into mechanical energy.

Submit your term papers to Professor White.

Our city's transport problems are minor when measured against capitals like London and New York.


Who notified her?


Sheila and Starbuck told everybody that they'd gotten divorced.


Don't desert me here in the desert!

I would never dream of trying to do this without your help.

I didn't say this!


Kelly followed Allen into John's office.


We have time on our side.

When a small boy is helping you, you must make allowance for his age.

I'm spontaneous.

We just want them back.

It was very fun.


This is the way Louis told us to do it.


Dewey got in the car with Pablo.

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Call someone who speaks Japanese, please.

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"The key is in the lock," the man added.

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It'll never work.

Carolyn is the right man for the job.

Honesty and truth are essential principles we have been learning since childhood.

Sometimes even small mistakes can lead to big accidents.

Maybe you and I should do something.

Bob has a lot of books in his room.

What made you think of that?

Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.

I'll have to speak with Lloyd before I can make a decision.

Ji has always been fat.

Teriann fell asleep in class.

Not all things that happen happen on this world.

She did not like my book.


I like seeing you this way.


That hardly matters anymore.

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Nobody that has any common sense would think of doing such nonsense.

Earle's house was destroyed by a hurricane.

Body language is a language you won't find translated in Tatoeba.

When she was a student, she worked as a truck driver.

Shakil is no liar.

The more a man knows, the more he discovers his ignorance.

Should I close?