You already paid.

The rice is yummy.


You're certainly looking fit as a fiddle today.


He played an important role in the movement.

Contemplating the reason for existence means contemplating non-existing things.

I think I could handle that.


Micheal isn't that much older than Lorraine.

Esperanto is easy to pronounce.

I would like something to drink.

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It is a lack of respect.

In addition to being a poet, he is a scholar.

Paul got off his bike.

She seems to be involved in that murder case.

Theo spent the afternoon handing out leaflets.

Why didn't you tell me Samir couldn't speak French?

She'll be back soon.

What an inspiration!

I think I'm in trouble with my wife.

Let's do that.

I hope the work is finished.

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Japan has been sending athletes to the Olympics since 1912.

Man proposes, God disposes.

Are you a wunderkind?


Never underestimate your audience.

Sam didn't work alone.

Markus quickly went up the stairs.

He's in the other truck.

I think I caught your cold.


The party was a failure.

Brent took his secret to the grave.

This tooth is loose.


That is, she is a poor dancer.

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Claudio isn't very successful.

We usually eat outside on the porch in the summer.

Billy, get lost! I don't want to see you here again.

Vivek didn't know what time he was supposed to be there.

I feel perfectly fine.

It must be bad.

We're all big fans of your music around here.

I wonder what color Bradley will paint his office.

You should've paid more attention in class.

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He's very sexy.


She doesn't want forgiveness.

You should've listened to them.

This book is of great value to students of science.


I would like if this didn't happen.

One day he was walking along the street.

Customer in a milk shop: "I'd like three eggs, please." Sales girl: "Yes, you would like that, wouldn't you."

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He ruined his health in the end.

June died a year ago.

She hasn't paid Jarvis yet.

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What various meanings can you find for the word "satellite"?

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The air of Sydney is cleaner than that of Tokyo.

He's a casino dealer.

Germany faced possible starvation.

I saw him take your keys.

According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.

Wait over here.

I'm just glad everything worked out.

Our meeting is a pleasure.

The set of prime numbers is countable.

He's as stubborn as a mule.

I really agree with you.


My apartment is located a five minute walk away from the station.


There's no denying his ability as a pitcher, but he is rather injury-prone.


Let Pam come.


Her hair grew back to it's original length.

It's rude to stare.

I prefer fish to meat.

No one from Mann's family attended the wedding.

Jayant has the hots for Antonella.

I took a risk when I made the investment.

Gunter's prognosis was grim.

I promised Sam I'd be there by 2:30.

There are over 800,000 Basque speakers in the world.

I know I have it, but I can't put my finger on it.

His thoughts are empty of idea.

I grew up in this city.

There is still snow in our country.


We'll be there.

I have no home to live in.

Thanks for your quick reply.

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You've underestimated her.

He has no respect for anyone.

I'm too tired.

Vickie pushed the wheelchair down the hall.

Don't you tell me how to take care of my child!


Let's look into it.

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Accidents of this kind often occur.


Put it in first and slowly let out the clutch while you gradually accelerate.


The spread of computers.

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The police are looking for you.


Wait here until I return.


The rain has let up.

Bud is my oldest brother.

I have nothing else.


It is needless to say that you are to blame.

This I didn't say.

There were many things that we needed to do to prepare for our trip.

She passed one test, but failed the other.

It's not that weird, is it?


Becky has a distinctive scar under his right eye.

You made this mess, so clean it up.

Kate talked over the picture with Brian.

Luke and I already know each other.

I regret that I told you.


I hope it works.


Simon dug through the wall of his cell.

I'm here to help Martin.

What's your favorite soccer team?

I really don't want to sit in that room.

She wanted to wash the dirty clothes.

We can go anywhere we want.

How did you and Kanthan get here?


The footsteps moved closer.

She has been living in Paris for ten years.

You don't do it, do you?

I prefer to go by subway, rather than by train.

I don't need the brochure.

I haven't finished reading this book.

I ordered a glass of wine.

I held the gun, but I never pulled the trigger.

Do you want to go home?

I think Raja is tough.

Most airplane accidents allegedly occur at landing or takeoff stages.

You can withdraw some money out of the bank, if you need any.

She will start her maternity leave next week.


I'm getting used to Philip's new hair style.


This car is going 60km an hour.

Why don't you go with us?

We've taken precautions.

They gave a series of concerts.

Jim is taller than any of his friends.

To those who meditate the feet of God,who neither has desire nor aversion, evil shall never come.

Do you want to do this again sometime?


White bread, please.

I want to make a difference.

I thought during a long time about what holiday I could talk about.

Helge seemed surprised when I told him Lowell wasn't here.

After writing the letter, Matthias put it in an envelope and sealed it.

Harvey's password was easy to guess.

Manolis wants Spock to apologize.

Fuel economy is a big advantage of this car.

Washing machines spare housewives a lot of trouble.

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Is the capital city of Russia not Moscow?

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I just talked to Carsten three hours ago.

By 1845, Le Verrier had become interested in the motion of the planet Uranus. Uranus did not have the orbit scientists expected it to have based on their mathematical calculations.

I had to help with the housework.


We still need to clean up this mess.

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Shamim is very worried about it.


Did you see anyone at the mall?

You're giving me more credit than I deserve.

Cristina wants to come with us.


Mr Tanaka is a doctor, isn't he?

Omar and Jane are cousins.

Go away!

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She thinks about his next trip.