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Easy commenting, issue tracking
and collaboration for all team sizes

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Change visual feedback to website feedback.
Saving screenshot

Take a screenshot and comment
All specs are auto-saved with your feedback

It’s just point and comment for you. DebugMe will do the hard work and auto-saves all other relevant info:
Browser and operating system version, screen resolution, code rendered to load the website to help your developers.

Your DebugMe workflow


Submit your visual feedback in any way you prefer and we save all the technical specs for your developers, automatically.


All comments are saved in the built-in task management tool or a task management system of your own choice.


Share comments with your team members and invite others to join the discussion. You’ll get the job structured and done in time.

Our toolbar makes feedback super-easy, it’s point-and-click comments

The Butterfly

Move the toolbar anywhere by dragging the butterfly. Doubleclick to expand or collapse the toolbar.

The Pin

Drop a note pin to mark a general comment.

The Switch

Switch between light or dark toolbar background to contrast your site.

The Frame

Mark the elements of your feedback and grey out everything else.

The Pen

Use it to draw around elements to explain your feedback

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Integrate to any major system or collaborate via the built-in task management

Use the DebugMe Dashboard for task management, or integrate with any major player in project management. You can also opt for our open API. Endless possibilities – all up to you.

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A few of the benefits we hope you’ll love about DebugMe visual feedback

Increased productivity

Our screenshot attached visual feedback will eliminate misunderstandings with the clients letting you focus on what you do best: designing and developing.

Minimized email feedback

No more emails about bugs, or logging into unfriendly ticketing systems. Add your feedback right on the page where the issue appears! Mark-up issues contextually.

Faster bug fixing

Find the root cause of the bug quickly by accessing additional information about the OS and browser version used, as well as the actual code rendered on the page.

Managed team workload

Assign tasks, track progress, create your own workflows that fits with your way of making things happen.

Tracked progress

Approve or reject fixes with a single click. Once your error has been dealt with, You automatically get a notification for approval before the issues can be closed.

Precise reporting

Less time used on reporting website issues: Add screenshots and additional information about the browser and operating system where the bug appears.

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