I have a chill.

Lana began whistling a tune.

Did you tell Anne why you want to go to Boston?

John has been painting the door.


That cut looks infected.

She loves her.

Merat didn't live up to everybody's expectations.

Please wash your hands properly before eating.

I wonder why Rahul is so excited.

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We've got a lot of confidence.

He had an accident and fractured his leg.

We can't be together anymore. It wasn't meant to be.

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We didn't want any trouble.

Keep your shoes on.

You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

The desire emerges between need and demand.

Silence often implies resistance.

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by most insurance plans.

Where will we find the truth?

She likes fairy tales.

We saw the monkey at the zoo.


Is Joseph serious?

What's the tallest mountain you've climbed?

We're still not allowed to see it.


We ought to rescue the environment from pollution.


I wanted to say hello to him.

I'm happy we're working together.

All right, let's play some ball.

The children left for camp this morning.

You must live according to your income.

The less it is affected by the weather the better clock it is.

This word is also French in origin.

I thought we could hang out together.

Valerie wants an ally to help her succeed.


I know how to use this.

I just did this to make a little money.

You still haven't told me when you get off work.


It must be the company I keep.


Is it right that you and I should fight?


The necessity of education came home to me.

We emphasized the importance of his co-operation.

I have some questions to ask, but I don't want to bother you now.


I will not live in Kobe next year.

I need to know if you are planning to come.

Their job is to paint cars.

Sir, I would like to deposit my money. How do I do that?

Dale will find them.


Why is that critical?


Where are you heading?

I'll get you some water.

She doesn't have to go to school on Saturday.


My sister shelled the beans.

I'm afraid it will be rainy tomorrow.

A shout in the night frightened me.


I really love my work.

She saw her former employer at a conference.

He does not seem to be very tired.


I don't think I can do this without her.

Do you see me?

Have you caught any big fish?

Ramneek's fingers got smashed while working on the assembly line.

Everybody was singing except me.

Section 214, in my opinion one of the stranger provisions of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein's General Administrative Code, seems to imply that somebody who kidnaps a person from another one, must deliver the latter a receipt, to that effect.

Aren't the boys staying with you?

I know what happened to him.

This isn't a safe place.

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The explorers discovered a skeleton in the cave.

Let me congratulate you on your success.

There is a little water in the cup.

Boyce can be relied on.

Ira has more money than he can spend.

In 1917, Albert Einstein proposed a description of the universe based on his Theory of General Relativity.

Let's have lunch downtown and take in a show.

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Isn't that an English book?

Sherman left the house to his son.

We'll probably beat them there.


Tell him it's not my fault.

I guess after so many beers Roger is probably very drunk.

That's why I need to meet him.

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A man like me needs a hat.

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I'm the one who gave Laurie that.

That wasn't part of the plan.

Ravindran doesn't want to talk to you either.

Let's go!

Children often bother their parents.

I don't make a promise to someone without taking it seriously.

It's not my first time.

Hotta and Takeuchi don't like you.

I knew you'd find Loren.

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I wished him a good night.

She never thinks about him.

Life is no bed of roses.


Rayan grabbed a handful of popcorn out of the bag and then handed it to Stacey.

Were you able to do everything you wanted to get done?

It seems I have fever.

The great Roman hero, Julius Caesar, was murdered.

I pressed her against me with delight.


Maybe I'll just stay here with Mechael.


We should've worked harder.

Our house has scaffolding around it this week, due to renovations.

Can you prove the allegations?


Since losing the match was everyone's fault, you don't have to apologize.

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What are you running from?


I should've phoned Harold before I went over to see him.

We actually don't have to do that now.


I think you're a lot stronger than you think you are.

I want to die with Getter Jaani.

We were both silent for a long time.

Horst is with a customer.

I got you a treat.

If you will lend me the money, I shall be much obliged to you.

Let's go back.

I cannot possibly finish the work by tomorrow.

Vicki left three hours ago so he should've arrived by now.

I wonder why he talks a lot about his father.

Short sentences are often better than long ones.

Henry said that he couldn't wait any longer.

The policeman got the suspect.

They monitored the enemy's radio communications.

Where did you get those old coins?

I wanted to see you again.


She tied up the package with string.

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He was lazy and irresponsible. Thus, he was told to leave the company.


She wished she had been born twenty years earlier.

Elisabeth received a heavy blow on the head.

I'm happy here.

She took care of the child.

One should be considerate about things and considerate of people.

I have dinner plans with them.

The piano won't go through that door.

We heard the door closing.

He is a relative of Adam.

They are amid the city noises.

I made out a check for $25 and handed it to the salesperson.

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I see the boy.


We finally found the key.

Don't fail to mail this letter.

I am looking for the chair in the dark.

It's not possible to wait.

She bought a baby chick.

It's here.

Cindie has a Dreamcast.


I'm very serious about wanting to be a good magician.

Phill told me that I should be more careful.

Put this in your pocket.


How much is the admission?

Are you saying Anthony was the one who broke the window?

We ought to pay Myrick a visit before he leaves.


It is just a prank!

I want to go back to my cubicle.

I know I will win.


Isn't this nice?

Would you like to try that again?

I want to find my own place.

We go abroad every summer.

Go away now and I'll forget this happened.

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Every day, it's getting hotter and hotter.

My favorite nonalcoholic drink is an avocado shake. Yum, it's so delicious!

How are your parents getting along?

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This is giving me a headache.